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We are continuing to be actively on a outreach mission to share the message of salvation to our local community here in Southeast,LA area,

As well as sponsoring many missionary's who are devoted to providing both spiritual and medical assistance to those whom
are in the area they serve.

The focal point of the current crusade is Operation GO (gospel outreach), an effort designed to place the Gospel of John
and other materials in every household in Mexico.

Many of the missionary's work in an isolated community perched high on the edge of the Urique Canyon right in the rugged heart of the

Copper Canyon area. On the staff is a missionary nurse, this dedicated missionary nurse provides the only health care to the 700 Tarahumara Indians who inhabit this area.

These missionary's pay their own way and walk, four or five hours a day, through neighborhoods to knock on doors.

Given the opportunity, they conduct prayer meetings and vacation Bible schools.

They rally around small building projects. They offer help where help is needed which includes medical from those missionary's

who are trained to provide it.

Professionals provide leadership but thousands of American volunteers are the key.

God Bless Each & Every One of You.

Reverend Jerry


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